Tips for Tourism

Tips for Tourism

Tips for Tourism:

Simple Tips for Boosting Tourism. . .

For Appreciating Your Community

* Be aware of your community, its attractions, and resources.
* Create a warm atmosphere of hospitality. Encourage travelers to visit as many attractions as possible.eep up with local special events.
* Learn your community’s history.
* Work together with other sites and businesses as a network

For Giving Good Directions

* Be Patient.
* If a map or brochure is available, use it.
* Give an estimate of distance in terms of driving time or number of miles.
* Mention landmarks along the way.
* Encourage travelers to explore the National Road.
* If you are not certain of directions, send the visitor to someone who can help

For Handling Complaints

* Be attentive to the situation
* Try to see the world through the eyes of your visitors
* Attend to their physical needs to get them to relax
* React calmly
* Determine how the situation can be resolved

For When the Telephone Rings

* Answer promptly
* Identify yourself, your site, or business
* Give a pleasant greeting
* Treat every call as important
* Be a good listener
* Take time to express a polite and inviting ending. . . “Thank you” for calling and offer a simple “goodbye”

Remember the acronym: SERVICE

* Smiles for everyone
* Eye contact that shows that you care
* Reach out to every tourist with hospitality
* View each visitor as special
* Invite tourists to return with a thank you
* Create a warm atmosphere of hospitality
* Excellence in everything that you do

And Don’t Forget. . .

The moments of truth throughout a visitor’s stay form a chain of events that builds value. That chain will influence the visitor’s decision to return to your town. it is the key to their experience and repeat visits.

Source: Illinois Bureau of Tourism

Photo Tourism Of Sumer at Lumajang,Indonesia

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