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Its beautiful white sand
tourism experiences, full color ... tourism and cloudless

* Saturday afternoon we arrived at the Beach Sand
White, we find lodging directly, although only one room ..

In addition, we also rent a boat, and see the beauty of the "coral reef" in the seabed ...

Basically, we all feel happy and stunned by the beautiful beach and very impressive, we did not forget to enshrine its "PHOTO TOURISM INDONESIA"



A. Brief

White Sand Beach in Situbondo regency, East Java, known as the spread of white sand. Not only that morphology is unique enough and the beach. The topography of the ocean curve with the background of forest cluster forming a panorama that is very beautiful. To the north, tourists can see the extent the sea north of Java with white stripes on the coastline. In the rear, provides fertile forest coolness points.

White Sands is one of the mainstay beach destination for East Java Province. This is because the strategic location, namely the main road on the outskirts of Surabaya-Banyuwangi. Travelers who want to go to Bali (from Bangkok), or the Mount Bromo (from Bluff), usually stop to rest and see the beauty of the panorama that are presented, particularly enjoy its beautiful sunset (sunset).

B. Features

Various sea sports such as swimming, diving, surfing and can be done at this beach. If you are reluctant to swim, visitors can catch a boat to sail and enjoy the scenery of the sea. Various entertainment such as music concerts and various competitions such as race surfing, fishing, boat racing and the traditional fishermen are often held to satisfy the tourists.

In addition, in October, the fishermen usually hold ceremonies picking Sea, namely 'melarung food, hawker, and the head of cattle into the sea as a result of efforts to invoke the blessings of God from the sea. At the ceremony held this rare staging music "Gandrung," namely traditional music popular in Banyuwangi and the surrounding area.

C. Location

Bungatan subdistrict, Situbondo regency, East Java.

D. Access

Point to the White Sand Beach is easy because of its position in the main streets of Surabaya-Banyuwangi. Arena tour this beach, a distance of 174 km from Bangkok, or about 4 hours using the bus (public transportation) from Terminal Bungurasih, Surabaya. From the direction of Pontypridd, White Sands, a distance of 21 km or half-hour journey from the City of Pontypridd. From the capital city of this district, the trip to the White Sands can be reached by public transportation for example, bus and minibus.

E. Ticket Price

Each visitor tickets cost Rp 5,000 (February 2008).

F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

For visitors who have not advanced swimmers, in locations around the coast, there are many rental tire-jacket to play in the middle of the sea. Visitors can also rent a boat equipped with city-glass to see the scenery of the sea. Tourism managers also provide bathroom facilities, incredulous, and some place to rest the form of concrete benches, which are usually close to the hawker food.

In this place also available stalls selling souvenirs such as a replica of the boat and ornaments and accessories from the shells. For those who want to stay, around the location, there are lodging a hotel, motel, and inn. But if you want to camp, there is also a special area for camping.

Congratulations tour!
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