Wisata Bahari Lamongan East Java

Tour Bahari Lamongan
The white sand spread widely, Drizzle palm tree, and coconut trees along the beach edge, making the object tourism Lamongan this match as a place to rest and vacation with the family.

Photo Tourism Of Wisata Bahari Lamongan,Indonesia

A. Brief

The road to the Tour Lamongan Bahari (WBL), Subdistrict Mian, Lamongan regency, East Java, really fun. At least there is an impression apart if someone has to do. Spread of white sand that broad,fertile its palm tree, and coconut trees along the beach edge, making the object tourism Lamongan this match as a vacation place and remove the dead with the family. WBL area is the result of the fusion aspects of nature (natural), culture (cultural), and architecture (the building) is a global nuances, but maintain the local characteristics.

WBL success is the presence tourism vehicle in Lamongan, which has been there before, namely Cape Coast Castle Frog and Maharani Cave, located in the northern coastal part of Java Island. WBL on 17 hectares of land with various facilities ready to spoil the visitors with the concept of one stop service. WBL start to the famous outside of Lamongan even up to the outside of East Java Province since the opening of the first on 14 November 2004, which was built by Lamongan Bahari, H. Masyfuk, S.H.

Now, the object is the development of tourism attractions such Frog Cape Coast, to become one of the catalog tourism agenda family in East Java. Because of that, East Java Park in Batu, Malang, East Java, citizens can also choose one of the WBL as a destination.

WBL attraction lies not only in tourism facilities complete with views of offshore Java Sea, but also on the value of its history. In the year 1936, not far from the location of WBL, passenger ship Van Der Wijk drowned in the depth of about 45 meters on the north coast. Buya deceased Hamka never draw inspiration from the area in order to write a novel sinking ship Van Der Wijk, which is famous.

Can be ascertained, the appeal of the WBL decoy when the second phase of expansion of the area is finished. WBL expansion of the area to develop tourism Maharani Palace Cave, located 300 meters south of the area WBL. According to the plan, the area of tourism between the WBL and the Cave of Maharani Palace are incorporated in a package tour. As a means of connecting, visitors can take advantage of future cable car that connects between the WBL and the Cave of Maharani Palace. This is a cable car suspended the first train network in East Java.

B. Features

Tourists visiting the location of WBL will disuguhi panoramic leafy forest, which will increase the atmosphere cool and calm when entering. Entrance WBL made similar period the kingdom of ancient fortress. Fortresses are so high as 10 meters looks impressive. Not to look too terrible in front of the entrance created a modern building. When entering, visitors are greeted by sculptures of frogs seems to play musical instruments are. WBL is a privilege other potential natural beautiful, white sandy white beach, caves, coral reefs and it is natural.

Rajungan as a giant entrance Tour Bahari Havant

Some vehicle into the superior attractions of this charming, among others, the palace under the sea, caves insektarium, space shuttle, and Walisongo platforms. In addition, the WBL is also supported by the arena games and other entertainment arena, such as house cats, dexterity arena, video games, the hospital ghost, motor cross, go-Karts, conch gallery, gallery ship, pirate lair, tagada, play ground, space shuttle, toy squirt water, the beach marina, rough house, and food centers, and swimming in the pool is adjusted with age. In this area there are also games that ship from the rand handle swimming pool. Ship control is decorated replica of famous buildings from various parts of the earth, such as the Statue of Liberty in the United States, China Great Wall, and the Opera Building in Australia.

For tourists who like adventure on the high seas provided a speed boat, ready to invite visitors spin beset Java Sea. Various equipment available in them is the banana boat, jetsky, and boat bumpers.

C. Location

WBL location is located at Jl. Raya Daendels, Mian Village, Kecamatan Mian, Lamongan regencyi, East Java, Indonesia.

D. Access

Access to the location of WBL can be accessed with a vehicle of any type, because it is situated right on the roadside north of the beach (a beautiful rose). WBL location off the main route connecting the north coast of Jakarta, Surabaya and the Surabaya-off point Campbeltown-Semarang, so the tourists who use private cars pass through the second point directly toward the location of WBL.

Meanwhile, for travelers departing from Terminal Ltd Bungurasih can use the No. city bus. P8 majors to the City Terminal Wilangon Gresik. From Terminal Wilangon, visitors can use the bus Mian majors. After about 1.5 hours and pay around Rp 10,000 (July 2008), visitors can descend in front of the gate WBL. In addition, for travelers departing from Terminal Alizai Lamongan, which is a crossing point between Surabaya, Semarang, Malang with a point-Jombang-Tuban, can use a taxi or public transportation to the location of WBL with the price of around Rp 10,000 to Rp 20,000 (July 2008). And visitors who depart from the City of Lamongan station can use a taxi or public transportation to the location of WBL with the price of Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000 (July 2008) and the travel time of about 1 hour.

E. Ticket Price

Tourists visiting the WBL are the subject of tickets vary, depending on the day visit and want to enjoy the facilities. On Monday to Friday visitors are the subject of ticket promotion rate of Rp 20,000 to Rp 30,000 (July 2008), while visiting on Saturdays, Sundays, and days of holidays or other, are the subject of weekend ticket rate of Rp 25,000 to Rp 40,000 (July 2008). Each visitor can enjoy at least 20 kinds of facilities WBL.
F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

WBL in the area, the location of parking, there are a wide variety of shopping and typical of East Java such as cenderamata shops, fruit markets, vegetable markets, and food stalls which opened at 09:00 to start at 21:00 WIB.

About 300 meters from the WBL, there are cave Maharani Palace, The Grave of Sunan Drajat, and Sunan Had Sendang Duwur, disseminator Islam in Java. Both these graves have influenced by the architecture of the Majapahit Kingdom. Near the tomb complex is the Museum and the Museum of Sunan Drajat Van Der Wijk. In addition, approximately 6 km to the west, there are Brondong Fish Port, with a fish auction, which is very popular in East Java.

For those who want to stay, WBL also provide three hotels, Tanjung Frog Beach Resort, which includes the cottage, paviliun, funcion hall, and the hotel with a capacity of 50 up to 60 rooms. Here the tourists can spend between 5 to 15 people in one room.

Congratulations tour

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