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Ngliyep Beach

Ngliyep Beach location is exactly on the Indian Ocean in the Village Kedungsalam, entered the District of Donomuyo, exactly 62 km to the south from the East Java city of Malang. If you want to go to the beach, you can reach through the city Griffith, Sumbermanjing Kulon village or through the village Karangkates (Sutami Dam) and then to the village Donomulyo.

Ngliyep beauty of the coast is a mix of various bluff, which is surrounded by natural forest and spread nan beautiful white sand on the selanya. In addition, a deburan waves each time jump-cliffs steep cliffs on the edge of the beach makes the atmosphere more lively and nuanced natural. However, please do not Tourists who come to tour the object Ngliyep can swim at the beach, because waves on the south coast generally very dangerous. But this should not be a reason for not visiting the tourist attraction Ngliyep Beach, there are still many activities you can do, for example, make sand sculptures at the beach, relax while witnessing the twilight charm can be enjoyed from Mount Kombang.

Many facilities in the Beach Ngliyep between any number of other pesanggrahan 4 units, accommodation units and the number 6 cottage there are 2 units

Photo Tourism Of Ngliyep Beach East Java,Indonesia

Photo Tourism Indonesia Of Ngliyep Beach,Indonesia
Photo Tourism Indonesia Of Ngliyep Beach,Indonesia
Photo Tourism Indonesia Of Ngliyep Beach,Indonesia
Photo Tourism Indonesia Of Ngliyep Beach,Indonesia

Pantai Ngliyep (Ngliyep Beach) is a magnificent rocky beach with dense coastal forests, beautiful seascapes, and those (well-known from South-Java) violently giant waves. From Batu via Malang about 80 km you could stay at the camp-ground near the beach which is usually crowded with young campers.

Ngliyep is nationally well-known for the celebration of the annual Labuhan religious ceremonies and rituals with a procession to Gunung Kombang where an offering of a goat's head is thrown into the ocean. For 5 days preceding this ceremony there are wayang kulit shows specially dedicated to Nyai Loro Kidul, mighty Goddess of the South Sea ...

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