Photo Lombok Tourism

Photo Lombok Tourism

Lombok Tourism

The island of Lombok nestled in the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia, falls to the East of Bali Island and due to its increasing popularity, Lombok is now becoming easier to access for tourists either by air or by sea. Lombok with its equatorial climate and colorful multi-ethnic cultural ambience and a wide variety of tourist sites and attractions nowadays is becoming a better choice for a holiday getaway compared to the other regular choices of tourist destinations.

Tourism in Lombok as one whole agency serves its guests to make their stay in Lombok a memorable affair. If you want to reach Lombok by air then the flights operating for this purpose are Merpati, Air Mark, Lion Air, Garuda, Silk Air, and the airport at your service are Selaparang Airport. These flights mostly operate from Mataram, Sumbawa, Surabaya, Jakarta and Yogyakarta, and the nearby hotels are Hotel Lombok, Raya, Mataram, Hotel Shahid Legi, Mataram. In case of reaching Lombok by sea one can comfortably avail of the ferry rides operating from Lombok’s Lembar Harbor. The other regular ferries operate between Poto, Tano, Sumbawa, and Labuhan Lombok while the Modern passenger catamarans render a faster service from Bali. Mabua Express operates regularly between Benoa and Lembar harbor, while Bounty Cruises travel between Benoa Harbor, Senggigi and Gili Meno. One can contact Pelni agency for bookings on boat rides in Indonesia and Lombok etc.

The various tourist sites in Lombok consist of Senggigi, Gili Islands, Rinjani National Park, Kuta & South Lombok, Mataram, Tetabatu, Sukarara, Penujak, Kuta Lombok.

- Senggigi the most developed area for promotion of tourism draws a good comparison with Bali’s Kuta, and set over numerous glamorous bays, this place offers its guests with the right ingredients of restaurants, bars, discotheques, and grand hotel accommodations for tourists to stay. Normally one finds all sorts of accommodation facilities in Senggigi starting from 5 star hotels to cheap and budget hotels. Few of the prominent names in this realm are, The Mascot Beach Cottages, Raja’s Bungalows, Ray Hotel, Sonya Homestay, Lina Hotel, Hotel Elen, Batu Bolong Cottages, Atithi Sanggraha Beach Bungalows and lastly Pondok Stiti Hawa. These hotels mostly offer you with the regular amenities and room facilities Inclusive of all these most of these hotels come with restaurants serving the best international cuisine and also the regular local gourmets. Not only international cuisine, Senggigi equally specializes in restaurants offering local delectable.

- Gili Islands being a popular destination in Indonesia is located to the northwestern part of Lombok features 3 mini coral-fringed islands namely Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. All these islands have splendid white sandy beaches, clear water and coral reefs displaying the playful colored fishes as a key source of attraction. They are just the perfect place for snorkeling and trying out other ventures and sports. Gili Trawangan being the largest among the 3 islands boasts of the most number of visitors and is reputed as the party island. Each island has shops, hotels and similar agencies to help you go for money change. The travel agency of Perama has its branch in Gili Trawangan and has minor outlets in Gili Air and Gili Meno. These islands have failed to initiate the facilities of police and patrolling. Crime reporting is made either in the Island of Kepala or in the police station of the mainland. The southwest hills of Trawangan offer a nice spot for sunset viewing, and Gili Meno’s Bird Park is for bird watchers. In Gili Trawangan you can try out the Blue Marlin agency & in Gili Air you can approach the Reefseekers.

- Rinjani National Park in the Mt Rinjani is a part of the forested slopes on Rinjani which is also the second largest volcano peak in Indonesia. The locals of Lombok mostly treat the volcanic site as a sacred place and Segara Anak is considered to be a pilgrimage and the hot springs here are famous. Around 20 villages surround Rinjani National Park while Senaru and Sembalun provide the main access to the national park from north and east. The community based activities are focused on the Rinjani trek center as it personifies the partnership of the national park, tourism industry, and the local communities amalgamated so as to maintain and protect the Rinjani environment. For bookings and information one can check out the travel agencies in Lombok.

- Kuta Beach displays a splendid show of white sand and turquoise sea, and is still an under developed region despite the plans for 5star hotels and resorts. This beach mostly comes alive with Nyale fishing festival in February and March and August as well, and it remains quiet and marooned the rest of the year. Several hotels like Kuta Indah Hotel and Segara Anak Cottages provide with money changing facilities. Regarding budget hotels it’s customary to consider the safety and privacy issues. Share a nice leisurely time with your family as you go for surfing activities in the beaches of Kuta. In the postal agency of Wisma Segara Anak you can also book your tickets for Perama Shuttle Buses. For accommodations, check out the best hotels in the island like, Segara Anak, Anda Cottages, Sekar Kuning Bungalows, Putri Mandalika Homestay, Lamancha Homestay, MatahariInn. These hotels mostly provide the regular rooming and lodging facilities and in certain cases one can bargain for discount prices. You can try out the Rinjani Agung Beach Bungalows and CafĂ© Riviera for local cuisine and good quality sea food. Few other hotels in Kuta are, The Novotel Coralia, Tastura Boutique Resort, Kuta Indah Hotel and Restaurant, Cockato Kuta-Bungalows and Restaurants, Pondok Sekar Kuning Cottages & Restaurants.

- Mataram in Lombok is the first town in the real sense of the term, which displays a tint of heavy traffic and is simultaneously an open city with lots of space. You can arrive at Mataram through Tiara Mas bus services dropping you off at Mandalika terminal for the rest of the journey you can avail of the Bemo. The hotels like Shanti Puri (JI make accommodation in Mataram easy. Maktal), JI Pancha Usha and JI Pejanggik. You will get post offices and Banks etc in Ampenan and Mataram. The banks of BCA Bank and Bank Danamon have branches on JI. Sriwijiya. You will find cheap Internet services at JI. Pancha Usaha. Mataram Mall is a large supermarket to go shopping. The Suharti Sate House on JI provides the taste of the land as you look for a place to eat. A bemo ride around the city is the best way of domestic conveyance in Mataram.

- Tetebatu in Lombok is a town on the lower slopes of Mt Rinjani. Once you are headed from Mataram to JI. Penjanggik to Pomotong and finally a drive to Rungkang and Kotaraja and you are in Tetebatu. While in Tetebatu one need not look too much for accommodation as the hotels like, Soedjono, and Green Orry provide you with the best of the rooming amenities and grand restaurants, great food and the extra perks like swimming pool and superiorly spacious rooms. The restaurant in Soedjono offering quality food is always at your service as food service in Tetebatu is limited. Senaru on the Northern of Rinjani is a more popular base for trekking. The other attraction in Tetebatu is Air Tejun Jukat, which is a large waterfall. Tobacco hanging and drying houses and the ‘monkey forest’ are other two major attractions in the area.

- Sukarara the home to Ikat weaving on Lombok has more traditional plain chequered styles being over thrown by more gorgeous creations. To get to Sukarara, one has to drive towards southeast out of Mataram along Jl. Tgh Faisal and drive up to Praya. About 2km before Praya is the small town of Payung. Drive up to the middle of the town and continue until you reach Sukarara.

- Penujak is an important center of Lombok. To go to Penujak drive southeast out of Mataram along Jl. Tgh Faisal and drive up to Praya. At Praya drive through Batujai, and across the large steel bridge you can reach in to Penujak.

- Kuta Lombok, about 60km south east of Mataram on the coast is a sleepy surfing resort. To get here, again drive southeast of Mataram along Jl. Tgh Faisal and off to Praya and drive through Penujak. The trip shouldn't take much more than an hour as the road is in excellent condition. A number of resorts along the beach offer bungalow style accommodation and more spacious rooms. Anda Cottages and Restaurant has a peaceful garden setting and clean rooms to offer. The restaurant has a good selection local and international cuisine and serves splendid pizza. The main beach at Kuta is nice place to be during a high tide. The best beaches are near Mawan and Selong Blanak, to get there you need your own car or rent a motorbike. One can take a drive by the loop road through Mawai, Keling, Mangkung, Sengkol and back to Kuta. Despite the road being rough and steep at places.

Finally in while in Lombok, one shouldn’t miss out on the interesting artifacts featured in the Museum Nusa Tenggara Barat, Mayura Water Palace and Pura Meru making your Lombok trips a memorable affair.

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